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The mission of TransformationServices, Inc. (TSI) is to provide Substance Abuse Training (Continuing/Education, Supervision), Assessment (Return to Work) and Treatment Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services in a peer to peer model. Services focus on the unemployed, to underemployed, employees, and business owners. Alcohol and drug problems disproportionately affect those in urban communities, and that is an area of expertise. Companies have employees. Employees sometimes have problems. TSI can often help with those problems.

TSI also provides consultative services for other facilities non/for profit management, grant writing, DHS certification, trademarks, program development & evaluation.

Further, given the Affordable Care Act (even with changes), and new insurance requirements of parity, TSI believes that the need for substance abuse and mental health services will continue to grow, and our company is poised to fill that void offering job training and treatment as well as related services.

Conveniently located on the Marquette Campus identified as an Asset & Business member of the Near West Side Partners. Click Near West Side Partners to know more.

Transformation Services feels that we have developed not only a unique treatment approach, but a training opportunity to a common problem that many employees face-remaining clean and sober, while maintaining gainful employment. TSI gives those that need and want it a chance to make a positive life change in not only their lives, but in the lives of their family and community.

We provide these services in a "first responder" model, but our facility GreenCircle also offers a growing environment that also supports a Social Entrepreneurship Incubator for Professionals and Professionals to Be. This has allowed us to win government contracting, which they can subcontract from us as well as gain access to our micro-loan program.

Since 1995, the Healing Garden component of our treatment program has had available an outdoor alternative, allowing clients to learn and practice effective wellness techniques. A walking track on our roof and a naturalistic location for therapy offers a calm oasis in a busy urban locale. This provides a setting for the development of effective wellness strategies that until now for the client have been self-destructive choices (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, food etc). We now offer the Healing Garden for both staff and students.

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  • Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council
  • GI Bill /Veteran's Affairs
  • FEI/Tier 2 Subcontractor for Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services
  • NMSDC (supply chain)
  • SAM
  • SDB
  • WOB
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835 N 23rd Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233