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Welcome to TransformationServices, Inc.

Your trauma or ACE score is directly related to your ability to develop resilience strategies and be forward focused even during life’s setbacks. (What is my ACE Score? Click here to learn more) TransformationServices, Inc. uses a holistic approach to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling, incorporating a healthier physical, emotional, and spiritual lifestyle. Since 1995, the Healing Garden component of our treatment program has had available an outdoor alternative, allowing clients to learn and practice effective wellness management techniques.

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For Individuals
  • Offering "Treatment to Training" Program that Assists Professionals and "Professionals to Be" become Substance Abuse Counselors through DSPS Approved Education and Clinical Supervision
  • On-Line/Telemedicine Psychotherapy
  • Holistic Career and Personal Changes from a Wellness Perspective: Mindfulness, Life & Job/Business Mentoring and Coaching.
  • ASKTHEDOC: On/Call Questions Answered Regarding Mental Health and Substance Abuse by TSI Consortium Staff Via Email.
For Businesses
  • Business Filings (LLC vs. Inc; Profit vs. Non-Profit), Trademarks
  • Fact Finding & Research; Program Development & Evaluation; Grant Writing for Public & Private Funds
  • Customized Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Women Owned, Multiple Minority Certifications at the Federal, State, and Local Level
For the Community
  • Community Networking and Collaboration
  • Cultural and Ethnic Issues: Mainstream to Minority Groups
  • Psychological Effects and Reunification of Parents and Children that have been Separated due to Incarceration or Other Factors (e.g. BMCW); Changing the Perception, Treatment, and Re-entry Issues once an Ex-Offender is Released Back to the Community
  • Business Mentorship and Guidance in and out of the TSI Incubator

Seeking More Immediate Connectedness?

Loneliness & Isolation are the same as Anxiety & Depression. Feeling Better Begins with Connection to Feelings Mad, Glad, Sad, Scared (Trauma Informed) & Connection To Behavior, Support Community (Trauma Responsive). Putting You on the Path to Learning, Self-Soothing, Healing.

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Client Testimonials Know what our clients say

Dr. Ingrid D. Hicks

Dr. Ingrid D. Hicks Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As well as a Consultant, Grant Writer, and Author specializing in Minority Education and Curriculum Development. Her company TransformationServices, Inc. (TSI) is a Milwaukee Certified Small Business Enterprise, as well as a Wisconsin Minority Business Enterprise.

Dr. Hicks also specializes in business filings (Profit vs. Non-Profit), Program Development & Evaluation, Trademarks/Branding, Community Networking and Collaboration, Grant Writing for Public and Private Funds. She also assists Mental Health and AODA facilities become State of Wisconsin DHS 75 approved, and provides clinical oversight and supervision, as well as Psychological and Legal consultation to Individuals and Institutions.

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Government & Business Services

The mission of TransformationServices, Inc. (TSI) is to provide Substance Abuse Training (Continuing/Education, Supervision), Assessment (Return to Work) and Treatment Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services in a peer to peer model. Services focus on the unemployed, to underemployed, employees, and business owners. Alcohol and drug problems disproportionately affect those in urban communities, and that is an area of expertise. Companies have employees. Employees sometimes have problems. TSI can often help with those problems.

TSI also provides consultative services for other facilities non/for profit management, grant writing, DHS certification, trademarks, program development & evaluation.

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TRAINING Continuing Education and Training

For The Professional

Continuing Education and Training
  • Substance Abuse and Supervisory Licensing & Credentialing
  • Clinical/Substance Abuse/(Licensed Professional/Counselor)/in Training, Prevention Specialist/in Training, Licensed Supervisor/in Training/Intermediate/Independent Clinical Supervisor
  • Prevention Specialist/In Training

For The Professional To Be

Continuing Education and Training
  • Prevention Specialist/In Training
  • TransformationServices Core Curriculum
  • WIOA/FSET/DVR Information for Staff and Students
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