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"Education/Training, and Guidance are the foundation of TransformationServices which provides the skills necessary to change your life path. As an ex-offender, I feel lucky, I was able to complete the course, take the test, and I passed! I now have a career with my own caseload of clients, and I have a business plan in the works for my next step..."
~Ruth C.
ResCare Workforce Services (National)

"I found the advice easily understood, even inspirational-she clearly had years
of experience working in the field and it shows".
~Thomas B.

"As a professional, I wanted a different training experience that would help me with increasingly diverse and challenging clients- especially in the area of case management. TransformationServices was a great resource".
~ Carmen P.
Wisconsin Department of Corrections

"I have contacted Dr. Hicks via her on-line advice column, and found her to be easily accessible, professional and a great resource!
~Malcolm Y.

"I am extremely interested in doing my AODA education through your program. Even before reading bio I was drawn to your program and now that I know even more, it just makes it all the more certain! What are the titles of your children's books? It would be great to incorporate them into our school library."
~Jill J.
Madison Metro School District (In-State)

"I am a consultation client of Dr. Hicks' and have watched her business (and mine) grow exponentially..."
~Greg O.

"Always available always right on time with her advice!".
~Deneen W. Cedar Hills Michigan Montessori (Out of State)




Continuing Education and Training

Join the Substance Abuse Certification Field--the Bureau of Labor Statistics Predicts Job Growth of 31% by 2022. TSI can help you reach your Employment or Entrepreneurial Goals and Join this Expanding Industry!

For The Professional

Learn and Lead

Substance Abuse and Supervisory Licensing & Credentialing

Clinical/Substance Abuse/(Licensed Professional/Counselor)/in Training, Prevention Specialist/in Training, Licensed Supervisor/in Training/ Intermediate/Independent Clinical Supervisor

Prevention Specialist/In Training

For The Professional To Be

Learn and Lead

Treatment to Training Services

TransformationServices Core Curriculum

WIOA/FSET/DVR Information for Staff and Students

TransformationServices Distance Training is available for WIA in these 21 states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, *South Carolina, North Carolina, *Louisiana, Virginia, Arkansas, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio* and California.

If your state is not on the list, please contact Dr. Hicks, special arrangements may be available.

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